Financing Option: Finance Lease

A finance or capital lease is probably the most upfront leasing option. As explained by Export Finance, finance leases are used in the manufacture of equipment for export. A leasing company buys the equipment you make, then leases it out to an overseas buyer. At the end of the leasing period, the buyer may purchase the equipment by paying for its residual value.

Here’s how a typical financial lease system works. Continue reading


3 Pros of Leasing a Car Instead of Buying

You want a car. You know exactly what features you want down to the color and model of the vehicle, and after reviewing your finances, you believe you’re ready to purchase one. Before forking over a serious amount of money, however, you might want to review other options that would allow you to drive without having to endure a big blow to your pocket. One of these options is car leasing, and here are three reasons why it might be so much better than purchasing a vehicle outright: Continue reading

Misconceptions about Novated Lease

Novated leases are becoming more popular because of their flexibility and the benefits they offer. For the beginner, a novated lease is a three-way agreement between the lessee, his/her employer and a company that offers a car lease. Like any other agreement, it is surrounded by several misconceptions. Here are some of them.

You need to buy a new car

This is not true on most occasions, as numerous cases have proven that used cars are still acceptable—provided that they’re no more than 8 years old at the end of a lease. Of course, there are still special exceptions bound to circumstances specific only to selected parties. Continue reading

Flexible Chattel Mortgage Rates

A good transportation for employees is tantamount to high productivity. If employees can start performing their daily duties early or on time, downtime will be lessened. This is the reason why a lot of business owners are investing on transportation for their employees. One option they are looking at is the popular ridesharing business, Uber, which can provide services to companies. Uber’s “Uber for Business” service can potentially help companies save more in the long run. Continue reading