Flexible Chattel Mortgage Rates

A good transportation for employees is tantamount to high productivity. If employees can start performing their daily duties early or on time, downtime will be lessened. This is the reason why a lot of business owners are investing on transportation for their employees. One option they are looking at is the popular ridesharing business, Uber, which can provide services to companies. Uber’s “Uber for Business” service can potentially help companies save more in the long run.

While a company-exclusive ridesharing service does sound useful, it can be limiting for employees who need cars of their own. There will be occasions when owning an automobile is more preferable to having a personalized taxi service, and businesses will need to consider the specific needs of their employees. Fortunately, financial products such as accommodating chattel mortgage rates and flexible leases can help businesses easily maintain a fleet of their own while giving their employees the freedom to use the vehicles as the latter sees fit.

One method is to apply for chattel mortgages—which have low interest rates, several term options for flexibility, a variety of residual value options, and even tax deductions for the payments made. Another option comes from lenders like Credit Group, which offers commercial car lease in Western Australia. A lease arrangement can provide various benefits such as discounts, servicing, insurance, and more, depending on the lender.


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