Why Leasing the Van/SUV Works

If you and your friends arrived in an urban area that’s practically alien to you, it’s easy to get lost without any directions to where you need to go, even worse when you have no means to get there. One option you can take is to lease your group a van or at least a sport utility vehicle (SUV), and that’s when professionals at car leasing in Perth are glad to be of assistance. An essential element to start off the lease will be to arrange the details before you arrive.


Some auto experts recommend assessing the size of your party when leasing a van. Once that is done, check with your preferred leaser if their vans or SUVs have the appropriate seating capacity. Many such vehicles are offered in either five-seat, seven-seat, or twelve-seat capacities, the latter being most applicable to heavy-duty passenger vans.

The Driver

It goes without saying that at least one member of the group should be a licenced driver; as such, the lessee themselves should be that person. However, you should ask the auto lessor if they have age restrictions; some companies have conditions for drivers between 21 to 24 years old.

Safety Fine Print

Take note that your lessor will define many regulations in the leasing contract. These include the driver’s proficiency with the vehicle’s systems and awareness of blind spots, plus enforce seatbelt discipline. They should not let the other members drive the vehicle too.

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