Why Lease High-End Company Cars

Some corporate programs in Australia provide high-end company cars for executives. With the luxury car tax (LCT), a 33% tax for every local or imported luxury vehicle, and import tax, this privilege is now being threatened. This is one of the factors why many companies sell their fleet to leasing companies and just resort to leasing.

The additional sacrifice for prospect car buyers, especially corporations, can seriously dent their budgets. Not only that, a new car will lose up to 20 percent of its value each year. With the inevitable wear and tear, repair, and tax duties, purchasing becomes more of a drawback than an investment.

Leasing is a long term agreement allowing you full use for a specified period. It removes your responsibility of paying for ownership charges aside from your monthly bill. The lessor can even offer extra services like maintenance where the cost will be evenly spread out for easy payment.

With the help of reliable financing and leasing companies, fulfilling your perks for deserving people in your company is now made easier on the pocket. A partnership with some of the biggest fleet companies in Australia will provide you with many choices to suit your preference and budget under easy financing.


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